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LETC is a proud member of the  Med-I-Assist family. Med-I-Assist provides services for those who are unable to afford Health & Medical Support Services to uninsured, unemployed, underinsured & under-employed.

Support Services include:

  • Emergency Prescription Assistance

  • Assistance with enrollment into the various

              Pharmaceutical- Indigent Patient Assistance Program

  • Eye Care Assistance- Eye Exams & Purchasing Prescription Eyeglasses


How Can Med-I-Assist Help?

  • Help with getting your prescription medicines immediately

  • Assistance with your long-term prescription needs

  • Assistance with seeing a doctor for the first time

  • Help with getting your eyes examined and purchasing

    prescription glasses


What Can Med-I-Assist Do?

  • Assign a "patient advocate"

  • Assistance in locating a physician

  • Help communicate your medical needs to your physician

  • Help communicate your prescription needs to the pharmaceutical company


How Do I Apply?

Call Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 3:00 pm 843-412-2572 for self referral.


send an Email to:


What Items Will I Need?

  • Picture ID

  • Green Card

  • Proof of income - a copy of your Federal Tax Return, two (2) most recent pay stubs, Social Security allowance letter

  • All of your prescrition medications

  • A signed letter designating you as the acting family representative, if applicable

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